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Belinda M. Giardine

Just in case you are interested.


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Wikiomics is an open documentation initiative in the field of
bioinformatics and systems biology.

Wikiomics consists in a free space for storing and sharing information
that joins together practical and theoretical aspects of
bioinformatics. Anyone can initiate or modify an article at Wikiomics
and use it as a collection of notes, links and papers on a specific
problem. Page history and email notification make it easy to track
changes made by other users of this wiki.

Each article of Wikiomics is a dynamic, easy-to-maintain review which
would eventually provide:
- - brief explanations of strategies and methods, possibly with figures
   and math formulas
- - links to relevant bioinformatics services and software distributors
- - links to PubMed abstracts, thanks to a built-in citation manager

So make yourself at home at http://wikiomics.org
And have fun!

Martin Jambon, for the Wikiomics technical staff.

- --
Martin Jambon, PhD
Keep up with Bioinformatics at http://wikiomics.org
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